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Beijing Huafu Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huafu Company”) was established in 1985, jointly established by the original Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Company (BPEC) of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation and Fluor Daniel Engineering Company of the United States, and later became a privately owned company with full equity. Huafu Company integrates business such as project feasibility study, technical consultation, engineering design, engineering procurement, construction management, project management, etc., and its business covers coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, new energy, new materials, environmental protection and other fields. The advantageous products include coal-to-methanol, natural gas, synthetic ammonia, urea in the coal chemical industry; polypropylene, styrene-butadiene rubber, caprolactam, ABS, PTA in the petrochemical industry; and “three wastes” treatment, zero discharge of wastewater in the environmental protection industry. Among them, synthetic ammonia, urea, polypropylene, caprolactam, methanol, styrene-butadiene rubber, carbon tetra deep processing, light hydrocarbon dehydrogenation, methane efficient synthesis and other varieties have reached the leading level in China.

After decades of precipitation, Huafu Company currently has Beijing as its headquarters, and market layouts in Wuhan, Ordos, Urumqi, Dongying, Nanjing, and Middle East branches, with more than 200 employees currently on the payroll, and has completed hundreds of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized projects. In addition to winning various awards in the industry, Huafu Engineering has applied for 272 patents, including 140 invention patents (79 authorized), 132 utility model patents (132 authorized), and 11 software copyrights. Huafu Company is a national high-tech enterprise, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, and Beijing Design Innovation Center, and possesses the qualifications for professional grade A in the chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry (chemical engineering), professional grade B in the chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical industry (petroleum and chemical product storage and transportation) engineering design, and fixed pressure vessel design and analysis design (SAD) for class I, II, and III pressure vessels, as well as GA class and GC class pressure pipeline design.

At present, Huafu Company is actively expanding domestic and foreign markets, and has successfully executed a number of large-scale general contracting projects, with customers and partners spread across more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China, and has successfully developed overseas business in countries and regions such as Iran, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, etc.

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