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Talent Philosophy

Huafu consistently adheres to the belief that talent is the primary core competitiveness of the enterprise, upholding the values of "Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, and Win-Win" and the employment principle of "matching abilities with positions, maximizing individual potential, and fully utilizing talent." We comprehensively implement a strategy of strengthening the enterprise through talent, by establishing scientific and effective talent and competition mechanisms, creating a favorable environment for talent growth, and promoting the coordinated development of talent team building and business expansion. We strive to achieve the highest degree of alignment between individual career plans and corporate development goals for every employee, realizing a win-win situation between personal career development and the company's growth objectives.

Employee Care
Huafu cares for the physical and mental health of its employees, providing them with a range of benefits and facilities including commuter shuttles, comprehensive health check-ups, a campus coffee and reading room, a business meeting tea room, digital high-definition meeting rooms, clean and bright offices, and a campus sports and cultural activities room. We also organize team-building and expansion activities, offer legal annual leave, company age leave, meal subsidies for employees, project bonuses, special incentives, and stock ownership incentives, among others. These measures ensure that everyone can work comfortably, live healthily, and continuously enhance their sense of happiness and fulfillment.
Employee Growth

Empowering employees is an important mission of Huafu. Huafu elevates talent cultivation and job training to a strategic level that is crucial for the survival and development of the enterprise. We respect, care for, and empower our employees, providing them with comprehensive career development channels and ample growth space. We offer objective evaluations of employees based on facts, promote excellence and advanced employees, encourage those who are falling behind, and establish reward mechanisms. We promptly recognize and reward outstanding teams and individuals, allowing employees to fully enjoy the benefits brought about by the company's growth and to promote the common development of employees and the enterprise.

Huafu places great importance on the forward-thinking and effectiveness of its training programs. We have established a scientific training curriculum system that includes pre-job training for new employees, professional and technical enhancement training, comprehensive management skills training, and registered professional qualification and continuing education training. The content covers personnel at all levels and positions. We implement an internal mentorship program, assigning a senior employee as a mentor to each new employee. The mentor is responsible for developing a coaching plan, providing guidance and support in areas such as problem-solving and work skills, thereby ensuring the professional development of our employees.

Huafu attaches great importance to talent career planning. We have established five major job sequences: Engineering Design, Market Development, Project Specialization Management, Project Management, and Functional Management. These sequences provide employees with broader career development channels both horizontally and vertically, offering more diversified career paths. This allows all types of talent to have opportunities and a platform to realize their self-worth.

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