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                                                            Success comes from responsibility  Passion achieves dreams


The ruler, triangle, and compass within the logo are indispensable tools in engineering design, representing Huafu Company’s rigorous work attitude in pursuing excellence in the field of engineering design. The logo is based on the variation of Huafu’s English abbreviation HFEC, reminiscent of the sunrise in the east, symbolizing Huafu’s relentless pioneering spirit and strong development momentum. The sun represents harmony, eternity, brightness, vitality, prosperity, warmth, and hope, signifying Huafu’s continuous growth, vibrancy, and passion. The evolved letters HFEC form a sail, carrying Huafu’s dreams on a journey, indicating Huafu’s spirit of struggle and innovation in the business world, connoting smooth and successful development. One corner of the sailboat breaks through the circular boundary, expressing Huafu Company’s willingness to break through limitations, continuously innovate, and surpass the past with a pioneering and persevering spirit.

The image of the sunrise in the east and the spirit of setting sail are full of passion and vitality, symbolizing a bright future for Huafu.

The passionate red color represents the enthusiasm of Huafu’s employees. The logo symbolizes Huafu Company, under the sunlight, like a sail in the wind, traveling on the path of dreams towards a broader future!

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