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Huafu Company Holds 2023 Annual Meeting

On February 6, 2024, Huafu grandly held the company's annual meeting with the theme "Setting Sail on a New Journey, Pursuing Dreams and Starting Anew." All employees gathered together to welcome the Spring Festival in a lively and joyful atmosphere, summarizing the achievements of 2023 and looking forward to the hopeful year of 2024. The meeting was presided over by the company's Deputy General Manager, Cao Guodong.

The Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer, Wang Yanfang, reviewed the work of 2023 on behalf of the company, realistically affirming the achievements made over the year and objectively pointing out existing problems. The journey is long, but with perseverance, the destination will be reached; the task is challenging, but with determination, it will be accomplished! All Huafu employees firmly believe that as long as they work together with unity and courage, they will surely achieve their set goals! Deputy General Manager Shi Xuejun deployed the work for 2024 on behalf of the company. The ten major goals were inspiring and encouraging, with clear thinking, defined objectives, and strong measures in the work plans of various systems, painting a magnificent blueprint for the development of the new Huafu. The Deputy Minister of the Human Resources Department, Zhu Xingliang, interpreted the connotation of the new Huafu corporate culture for the attendees and, through small, unnoticed stories happening around them, told all employees that practicing corporate culture is right beside them, in their daily work.

Chairman Wang Qinya delivered an impassioned speech, further clarifying the development direction of the new Huafu in 2024, "Led by Orders, Driven by Technology," and elaborated on the general business policy of "Fully Returning to the Market, and Doing Everything to Increase Total Volume." He conducted a profound analysis of the historical mission undertaken by Huafu and put forward earnest hopes and specific requirements for doing well in all the work of 2024. In the new year, Huafu will adhere to the core values of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and win-win," and go all out to promote new breakthroughs in the company's work.


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